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MoodMe was created to be your go-to source to help you curate the perfect mood for any and all occasions. Your lifestyle determines your mood & your mood determines the quality of your life, so why not make them—— the best they can be. We will show you how to set the perfect mood with your makeup, style, home decor, health habits and everything in between. 


Foods To Eat To Help Cure A Hangover

We all know the feelings of a hangover- nausea, headaches, fatigue, dehydration, dizziness, and more. It can last from a few hours up to more or less the whole day after having drank a little too much the previous night. The bad news is, with what we know so far, there is no known cure for hangovers. But not to worry! There are several foods and drinks that can help alleviate symptoms, provide you with some much needed relief and potentially speed up the process of getting over a hangover - here are our top 5! 


What Trainer Drew Manning Learned After Gaining 60 Pounds

"I grew in many other ways through the fit2fat2fit journey. I had never understood the powerful, emotional connection people have with food. Not being able to resist certain temptations, in my mind, was just a lack of discipline. I now knew that wasn’t true. During my weight gain, I experienced food cravings that I almost always succumbed to. The struggle had become real for me." -Drew Manning


How Alcohol Impacts Your Mood & Sleep

Having a nightcap or a glass of wine in the evening is certainly common in our society, and while this nighttime imbibing might seem to help you fall asleep faster, it unfortunately doesn’t help you sleep better, as alcohol can have a powerful (read: negative) effect on the quality of your sleep, which by connection, will affect your mood the next day. Keep reading for all the details.

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There are five things you can do immediately to ease the pain of your breakup and get to your breakthrough a lot sooner...

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Travel Hacks That Can SAVE YOUR TRIP

The wanderlust is so real right now! So at MoodMe, we're sharing our favorite travel hacks that can save your trip. As you dream about your future getaways, keep these hacks in mind. ....

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Top Three Ways That Meditation Can Improve Your Mood 

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