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5 Mental Health Habits To Try For World Mental Health Day

The World Health Organization recognizes World Mental Health Day on October 10th every year. So once again, we've partnered up with Popsugar to bring you 5 mental health habits that not only saved us during the pandemic, but are so so good we had to share them again! We've adopted these habits into our daily lives and they are making a huge positive impact.

1. Cooking

"One of the best habits I started during the pandemic was challenging myself to cook a new recipe once a week. Setting aside that time to put my phone down and focus on creating something with my hands was cathartic and made me feel productive (even on days when I could practically hear my Seamless app taunting me). It was also an easy way to feel like I was doing 'an activity' and taking steps outside of my comfort zone, whether it was attempting an intimidating skill or cooking with an ingredient I hadn't used before. Discovering new restaurants with friends is one of my favorite aspects of living in New York, and I can't wait to start doing that again, but I'll keep trying to level up my game in my own kitchen, too." 
— Becky Kirsch, managing editor

Magnolia Table Cookbook

Magnolia Table is infused with Joanna Gaines' warmth and passion for all things family, prepared and served straight from the heart of her home, with recipes inspired by dozens of Gaines family favorites and classic comfort selections from the couple's new Waco restaurant, Magnolia Table.

Jo believes there's no better way to celebrate family and friendship than through the art of togetherness, celebrating tradition, and sharing a great meal. Magnolia Table includes 125 classic recipes—from breakfast, lunch, and dinner to small plates, snacks, and desserts—presenting a modern selection of American classics and personal family favorites. Complemented by her love for her garden, these dishes also incorporate homegrown, seasonal produce at the peak of its flavor. Inside Magnolia Table, you'll find recipes the whole family will enjoy, such as:

- Chicken Pot Pie
- Chocolate Chip Cookies
- Asparagus and Fontina Quiche
- Brussels Sprouts with Crispy Bacon, Toasted Pecans, and Balsamic Reduction
- Peach Caprese
- Overnight French Toast
- White Cheddar Bisque
- Fried Chicken with Sticky Poppy Seed Jam
- Lemon Pie
- Mac and Cheese

Full of personal stories and beautiful photos, Magnolia Table is an invitation to share a seat at the table with Joanna Gaines and her family.

2. Regularly Meeting With a Therapist

"I was unbelievably nervous to start virtual therapy sessions during the pandemic — Would I be awkward over Zoom? What if I didn't connect with my therapist right off the bat? — but whew, am I glad I overcame those fears and took the plunge. I've been consistently seeing my therapist since October, and I'm definitely planning on keeping at it for the foreseeable future. She's helped me learn how to dissect my negative thoughts and practice self-affirmations in a way that feels natural to me, and she's offered so many helpful and personalized tips for coping with my anxiety. I still consider myself a work in progress, but just knowing I have someone to lean on has made all the difference during the pandemic." 
— Victoria Messina, editor, Trending and Viral Features

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3. Skin Care

Since the start of SIP, my five-minute skin-care routine has turned into a 10-minute skin-care routine, which doesn't sound like much, but it's made all the difference in how I feel. Taking the time to hydrate, moisturize, and even wash everything off of my face at the end of the day has become almost therapeutic, and it's given me time to try new products that I otherwise wouldn't have taken the time to use. How I feel physically definitely affects my mental and emotional well-being, and I look forward to keeping up with my skin-care routine even after SIP." — CV

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4. Unfollowing People on Social Media

"Block, mute, and unfollow have been some of my best friends during SIP. Whether it's celebrities I truly can't stand and don't remember following in the first place, influencers whose messages no longer resonate with me, or old acquaintances I have no business being in touch with anymore, it's nice to give myself permission to let go of as much negative (or even just neutral!) energy on social media as possible. Social media is a huge part of my everyday life and has become even more so since SIP started, so curating my feeds to make sure that Instagram, Twitter, and the like are positive and educational places has been crucial to maintaining my mental health." — CV

5. Giving Ourselves Grace

"Wearing sweatpants 24/7, forgetting how to interact with other people, and constantly being tired have become huge memes over the last year. But I've also noticed that people, myself included, have given themselves more grace when experiencing these common SIP changes. Even as SIP lifts, I would love to continue being kinder to myself when I need more time to get going, can't bring myself to clean my apartment, or eat more chocolate than I initially intended. We are all human, and even if there isn't a pandemic looming over our heads, we should give ourselves the grace to exist, which includes having good days, bad days, and everything in between." — CV

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