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Manifest like a boss

written by Connie Andrea 
Spiritual Advisor | Manifesting & Success Author

Listen, manifesting like a boss is all about feeling good, and that comes down to what you're focusing on. You MUST control your MIND! You must pay attention to the thoughts you are thinking and how those thoughts make you feel. 

We are ALWAYS manifesting, and it is up to you if you manifest wanted things or you manifest unwanted things. The three tools that you are about to learn are tools for training your mind to focus on GOOD things. When you focus on good things, you feel good, and feeling good is the ULTIMATE and most important requirement for a #ManifestingBoss. 

There's no way around it. You have to commit to monitoring your thoughts. The three tools here will help you do that, so you ONLY attract and manifest GOODNESS into your life. Take this seriously. 

It doesn’t matter if you want a BMW or to save the world. If you want to manifest a partner, or if you want to figure out what your purpose in life is. If you want to manifest weight loss or for a sickness to go away. This 3-step attraction process will have you manifesting like the BOSS you already are! 

Life doesn't happen to you. Life is created by you. If there’s something you’re not happy with, hear this and hear it loudly: YOU CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! You may not 100% believe it yet, but you will. You are a POWERFUL being that can use the power of your mind to change your outside world. But, the outside world only changes when our internal world changes first. 

This 3-step powerful attraction process will get you there!

Step One: Mantra Meditation

So many people ignore meditation and yet, it is a KEY step in manifesting like a TRUE MASTER! 

Buddha said it best: “Meditation brings wisdom; lack of meditation leaves ignorance. Know well what leads you forward and what hold you back, and choose the path that leads to wisdom.”

Being dependent on yourself only, and trying to live this life all by yourself…well, it’s really hard isn’t it? Life isn’t always rainbows and unicorns. Avocado toast and matcha lattes. It can be pretty dang hard sometimes. Meditation makes your life easier because it connects you to the part of you that came from your Creator. This is super important! This is how we can hear the little messages that our Highest Self/God/Universe is trying to give us. 

Through meditation, you develop and strengthen your relationship with your version of your Higher Power. You want this! By doing this, you can connect with It, and receive guidance and “downloads” that will CHANGE.YOUR.LIFE! 

You don’t have to know your purpose in life or how to make your dreams come true. You just have to be an open CHANNEL to receive the guidance on what to say, what to do, and where to go. This is called being “in-spirit” or inspiration. When you are this open channel, you will be inspired and guided on what kind of action to take, or where to go and so on.

The more you are consistent with your meditation practice, the more that little voice in your head becomes stronger and wiser, and you’ll go about your life feeling secure, feeling safe and feeling like you’re taken care of because you will no longer feel alone. Like you’re doing life by yourself and just hoping things work out. It’s an amazing and incredible feeling! Plus, life changes when you take inspired action. Instead of forcing shit to happen, you will be motivated and inspired and that action that you take, that you were guided to take from God, will CHANGE.YOUR.LIFE!

For the next 21 days, I want you to start your mornings by sitting in a 10-minute meditation while repeating the mantra “I welcome infinite possibilities and I’m open to receive.” This mantra helps align your energy with infinite possibilities and opens you up to receive your GOOD. This mantra helps you to feel good about all the possibilities that are available to you. Feeling good is the key to attracting and manifesting like a boss.

STEP ONE: Sit in 10 minutes of meditation while reciting the mantra "I welcome infinite possibilities and I’m open to receive.” 

Step Two: Your Feel Good Evidence Log

Evidence log? What the hell is that?  Well I’ll tell ya!

A Feel Good Evidence Log is a notebook or notepad where you track all the GOOD things that occur and/or that you feel throughout your day.

This is a mind-training tool that changes your focus, so you only attract good into your life. With the Feel Good Evidence Log, you are focused on the GOOD things that happen in your day. Most of us are focused on the problems, the traffic, the anxiety, the burnt food, the ex, the nasty facebook comments, our looks, that pimple sprouting up, the delays, etc, etc.

We are focused on the sh*tstorms, so we get more sh*tstorms. But, by using a Feel Good Evidence Log, we become focused on the GOOD. The good things that occur in our everyday life, and then we get more GOOD. We get more of what we focus on, so this evidence log trains us to focus on the good in our life, to look for good things that are occurring so we have something to write down, and before you know it, that becomes your way of LIFE. It becomes who you ARE- someone who sees the GOOD throughout their day, and so they LIVE a life of GOOD.

Doesn’t that sound...delicious? I can’t think of a better word. Have you ever watched that episode of Parks and Recreations where Ron builds a chair, and this lifestyle guru named Annabel Porter, features Ron’s chair, and she goes on the news to talk about what’s trending and she says, "my favorite piece is from local artist Ron Swanson and it’s a delicious chair," and then the camera cuts to Ron who has this disgusted look on his face and he says, “did she just call my chair delicious???” It was so funny! In the moment I thought, who would describe a non-edible thing as delicious, but the jokes on me because I do that now. To me, a life full of GOOD is just so damn peaceful and awesome and... DELICIOUS! It’s like, being by a cozy fire, drinking hot cocoa while it snows outside. Or like, a margarita (or mocktail) on a sunny day while you’re reading at the beach. AHHHH. It’s so good! It’s like that.

This Feel Good Evidence Log will force your mind to pay attention to the GOOD things happening in your life, so you have something to write down.

Your evidence log will create an inner world of wealth and good and appreciation that aligns you energetically perfectly with the GOOD of this Universe, so you can then externally attract and experience these things.

When the internal world is on point, you crush everything in your external world! Everything in your life will fast track when you have the internal world up to part.

I want you to write down at least ten entries every day in this log and do it for 21 days. Each day that you do this, you build positive momentum that creates a snowball effect of GOOD for your life. What you do today will ensure your successful manifestations for tomorrow, so make sure you commit to this practice! It doesn't work if you don't put forth the effort! Ten entries, It's not as hard as you think. I don’t even count my entries anymore; I just do it. I carry my little, pocket-size notebook with me, and when something good happens, or I feel good, I take 20 seconds, and I write it down. That’s it! Manifesting is not hard! The secret to manifesting like a boss is realizing that it's all about feeling GOOD and staying in that feel good feeling for as long as possible. This practice will get you there. 

You write down the things you see, hear, feel or experience that is GOOD, that make you feel like GOOD things are on their way. Such as, a co-worker brought lattes for everyone. You received a nice random text from someone. You got an unexpected refund. Someone gave you a massive discount; you went to the movies, you had a great night’s sleep, and so on.

There is an abundance of things that happen throughout your day that serve as evidence that more GOOD is coming your way and that you are being taken care of by God (or Universe, or Love, or Source, or whatever you call your Higher Power). But you’ve trained yourself to just wait for the BIG things like huge pay raises or getting a free car, or a new job title, etc. When big things don’t show up, you assume you’re not making progress, you stunt the manifestation of it, and then it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The more positive evidence you seek, the more you’ll find. The more you find and appreciate it, the more your confidence increases... and BOOM! You’ll start attracting some extraordinary manifestations!

Log everything and anything GOOD that happens! A beautiful sunny day, discount on groceries, free ice cream, drinking your favorite wine, a few things you appreciate, etc.

Here’s an example from my day yesterday:
At the top of the notebook I write today’s date and then I just carry it with me, and fill it in as I go. Here’s somethings that I wrote...

1. Oh I loveeee and appreciate so much this gorgeous mountain weather. It feels so peaceful.
2. I had such a great hike with Tom and Mackenzie.
3. Ooh! Someone sent me such a nice email! Awww that made me feel so good!
4. The train was on time! YAY!
5. Kathy brought me brownies!
6. A new episode of Grey’s Anatomy! Whoo hoo!
7. 100 people signed up for my email list today!
8. Pay day! Whoo hoo!
9. Oh that sunrise was breathtaking! I’m so blessed to be alive and able to see it.
10. YAY, Tom took Mackenzie to school and I didn’t have to!
11. My new book arrived! I can’t wait to dive into it!
12. Heather’s text was soooo funny! That cracked me up!

Okay, so now you have some examples. I literally write down just everything and anything GOOD! And you will do the same! You can also tap into appreciation when you write things down. So just be appreciative of all the good things that happen to you.

For example, the list that I just read can also look and sound like this...
1. I appreciate so much what a great hike I had with Tom and Mackenzie.
2. I appreciate the nice email someone sent me.
3. I appreciate the train being on time! YAY!
4. I so appreciate the brownies Kathy brought me.
5. I appreciate the 100 people that signed up for my email list today!

And so on. You get the gist.

Doing this will enhance the most powerful emotion for manifesting –APPRECIATION. Appreciation is more powerful than gratitude. Appreciation gives you that Hallmark, feel good feelings. It’s addictive. I can feel like total sh*t, and still appreciate something, ANYTHING, and it helps me to feel better INSTANTLY!
I could be pmsing, feeling really low, and then just say “I appreciate this latte” and boom! I feel better! And when you feel appreciative you literally start attracting MORE things to feel appreciative for.

STEP TWO: Throughout your day, fill in the Feel Good Evidence Log. Aim for 10 entries. This is your mind-training homework. This is how you attract miracles. This is how you dissolve the ego. This is how you raise your abundance set point and move on up to the next awesome level of your life. This is how you manifest like a boss.

Step Three: Mantra Pivot

For your final step, I want you to repeat the mantra “I welcome infinite possibilities and I’m open to receive” as needed throughout the day. 

Whenever you start to freak out, or stress or worry, or you become controlling trying to figure life out all by yourself, use the mantra to help you break the pattern of negativity, pivot from the freakout, and realign your energy with what you DO desire to manifest.

That’s it! That’s step number three. 

STEP THREE: Use the mantra as needed throughout the day, to pivot away from any negative feelings.

That’s all folks! Give this 3-step practice a try for the next 21 days and watch as your life changes! It may sound like a lot, but it’s not. Takes 15 minutes a day so chillax about it and have fun with it. I'm so excited for you! Know that you’re being taken care of. Know that good is coming your way. Know that the Universe has your back. 

with love & appreciation,
Connie Andrea

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About The Author

Connie Andrea wants to live in a world that’s filthy with organic farms, mom & pop bookstores, and artsy cafes. As a joy-driven Spiritual Advisor & Author, her unique approach has helped thousands of women all around the world co-create a life they love. When she's not working with clients, or creating manifesting and success content that often contains four-letter words, you can find her re-reading the collected works of Amy Schumer, Wayne Dyer, sampling obscene amounts of lattes without a trace of shame, and optimistically checking out her window to see if UPS has delivered her latest Amazon package.
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