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Top Three Ways That Meditation Can Improve Your Mood 

Friday, May 21st, is World Meditation Day! 

Did you know that the art of meditation is THOUSANDS of years old? This practice was used by ancient practitioners to help aid them in not only achieving enlightenment but making their lives all that much better by improving their moods. 

Meditation helps alleviate the three largest culprits of poor mental health; depression, stress, and anxiety. However, to some, the idea of taking on a meditation practice may seem intimidating and only adds to those anxious feelings. In today’s ever-busy, full of distractions, technology, and social media-driven world, it may seem impossible to take a break to focus on anything but the stresses of the day. But keep in mind that meditation doesn’t mean spending a long period of time sitting in silence with your thoughts. It can be a beautiful, healing, and exhilarating journey of self-discovery and learning to see and appreciate all the good in your life!

Here are our top three ways that meditation can help improve your mood today...

1. Freedom From Past Pains & Future Stresses

Meditation and the idea of being fully present and rooted in the here and now is insanely liberating! We waste so much time re-living the past and focusing on the future, that we miss the gift this present moment truly is. Meditation will train your mind to go from mindlessness to mind-FULL-ness. This will change your life! Only a few know what it's like to live a beautiful life that comes from being mindful-that comes from living in the present moment. You become FREE. No more living in the past, no more stressing about the future. Meditation is your key to freedom from pain that comes from living in the past, and anxiety that comes from living in the future. You deserve to experience a beautiful life. Meditation is the key. 

2. Helps You To Step More & More Into The Best Version Of Yourself 

Through the practice of meditation, you will train your mind to take a step back from anything that is upsetting you, and it allows you to RESPOND to the situation versus our usual human, knee-jerk emotional reaction. Meditation will transform you from a human being who is at the mercy of whatever life throws at you, to a human being who creates their life the way they desire it to be. This is POWERFUL! It is our thoughts, words, and actions that add up to who we are now. By training your mind through meditation, you begin to think, say, and act in alignment with who you really want to be. We all want to be better versions of ourselves. 

3. Helps You Get "Unstuck" In Life 

You know that little voice in your head that seems to constantly feed your mind negative thoughts? Well, by bringing our attention away from these thoughts and feelings and back to the present moment, we are able to work past the emotions that often leave us feeling stuck. 

Instead of allowing ourselves to get lost in the constant negative stream of thoughts, meditation allows us to break the cycle and bring peace to our minds. We replace the negative thought with a positive one. This, again, helps train our minds to think thoughts that are in alignment with the life we want to live. In time, this replacement act allows us to move from feeling stuck in life, to feeling like we are on the path to where we want to be. 

Meditation has a long list of benefits. What are some of YOUR favorite reasons for meditation? 

Let us know in the comments on Instagram.


I want to live in a world where there's a bookstore on every corner, people are prioritizing their mental health, and focusing on the things that bring them joy.

As an Author, Manifesting Coach, book addict, and wellness junkie, my unique approach has helped thousands of people all around the world co-create a life they love.

When I’m not working with clients or creating content that often contains four-letter words, you can find me re-reading the collected works of Amy Schumer and Wayne Dyer, sampling obscene amounts of caffeine without a trace of shame, and optimistically checking out my window to see if UPS has delivered my latest Amazon present.

If you enjoy manifesting stories, humor, and pictures of books and fur-babies ;) you can keep up with me (the Kardashians have enough followers).

Now That's A Mood: Mindfulness

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