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Ground, Center and Protect Your Mood with These 5 Techniques  

By MoodMe
Nobody likes to feel anxious or be in a foul mood. When we have these types of feelings, it’s easy to think they will never go away, and we’re stuck with them forever. It’s important to take a moment to ground yourself when you’re getting lost in negative or anxious thoughts. Feeling your emotions is an essential part of life, however, keeping yourself grounded and centered is just as important to protect yourself. Here’s a list of 5 ways to keep yourself grounded when you are feeling anxious or have intense emotions taking over your mind and heart. 

1. Take Control of Your Body 

• Emotions are just energy in motion. So if you're overwhelmed with feelings, one of the best ways to help them move through is to take control of your body. Go for walk, have a snack, put on a Tik Tok dance, Marco Polo your friend, drink a bubbly water, smell some flowers, do a set of 10 push ups, anything that gets you into your body. 

• Taking a hot (or cold shower) is another way to control your body and get you back into it. Feel the water’s temperature and focus on how it feels cascading on you. Bonus points: visualize the water as a bright shiny and healing light. See the water just washing away any negative and fearful emotions.

2. Distract Yourself

• Look around the room you’re in. Count all the objects of a certain color or shape. Focus on the hum of your computer or a distant lawn mower. Anything little that takes brain power to concentrate on should help.

• Outside? How many birds do you see? Focus on the chirps of birds or another specific noise. This is a great way to get out of your head.

3. Remember To BREATHE

It might not seem like much but breathing makes all the difference. Slowing down your breathing is a well-known technique to calm anxiety. This technique is perfect to pair with any other grounding technique you’d like to try.

To try this, take an inhale while counting to 5, hold it for a second or two, then slowly release for a count of 5. Hold it at the bottom again, and begin the cycle over. It won't take too many cycles before you feel better. 

4. Use Your Senses

Your senses are a great grounding tool. You’ve got five of them, so use them! Start by picking one thing you smell, see, hear, etc. Doing this will help you focus on other things and how your body reacts to them. Smell an orange, a lemon, or some chocolate. Drink/eat something and take your time savoring it. Put on a song and really listen to the lyrics. 

When you're overwhelmed with life's emotions, anything can help! Our Spiritual Advisor and COO Connie, loves smelling a book. Yep, you read that right! She will crack open a new book from her constantly growing pile of books, and she will inhale that new book smell. It's enough to help her get grounded and figure out what will help her feel better next. 

It works! Use those senses! 

5. Treat Yourself to a Soothing Activity 

Often referred to as self-care techniques, treat yourself to a hot bath with candles, add some aromatherapy, and maybe a good book. Make yourself take time to just be and sit in the tub with luxurious bubbles around you. Light a lavender candle or diffuse your favorite essential oils. You’ll come out feeling cleansed mentally and physically. 

Whenever you need to feel grounded, ask yourself "what would help me feel warm, cozy, and safe right now?"

There are plenty of other techniques out there, but we hope this gives you a good start on feeling grounded and centered! Head on over to our Instagram and in the comments, share with us what are some of YOUR favorite grounding techniques? 

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