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Turn Your Bedroom Into A Sanctuary: 7 ways to transform your bedroom into a space of serenity 

By MoodMe
As the place where you begin and end your day, your bedroom is the most important room in your home. Your bedroom environment establishes the mood that sets the tone for your day. When you enter your bedroom to prepare for sleep, you need a space that allows you to let go of the day’s stress to allow for rest. Your bedroom is the primary place in your home for rejuvenating, restoring, and refreshing mind and body. According to the National Sleep Foundation, your bedroom environment is key to achieving rest and sleep. Rather than treating this space as just a sleeping space, why not elevate your bedroom environment as a place of serenity? Here are seven ways to create a bedroom sanctuary that brings you peace of mind.

1. Clean Your Bedroom Space

Our bedroom is a catch all for personal belongings, so start by cleaning. A disorganized room does not create inner peace. Keep your bedroom in order and remove the clutter from your nightstand and closet. If you don’t already, make your bed every day. Studies show that getting into a made bed helps you sleep better at night, and entering your bedroom with a beautifully made bed creates a serene environment.

2. Create A Luxurious Hotel Feeling

Checking into a hotel allows us to feel rejuvenated, so recreate that vibe at home. Crisp white linens, muted colors, soft drapery, and multiple pillows add a touch of elegance and extravagance. For ultimate luxury, treat yourself to turn down service each night. Pulling back those sheets, dimming the lights, closing the blinds, and adding a chocolate to your nightstand before you are ready for bed allows you to feel special.

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3. Adjust The Lighting

Every interior designer knows the importance of mood lighting for creating ambience. Invest in small lamps with LED soft white bulbs for your nightstand and dresser and turn off your harsh overhead light, or add a dimmer to transform your space.

4. Make It Soft

Enhance your sensory experience and add a layer of luxury to your bedroom with a soft and fuzzy blanket. A soft throw blanket keeps you warm and helps you feel cozy. 

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5. Add Something Living

Sharing your space with something natural and living can make you feel more fresh and alive. A low maintenance plant or orchid will help purify the air and elevate the energy in your sanctuary. 

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6. Light A Candle

Scent is closely tied to mood and memory and can instantly restore mind-body wellness. A natural aromatherapy candle heightens the senses and instantly creates that spa feeling. 

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7. Remove Electronics

Exposure to artificial lights, like our phones, computer and tv screens, prolongs the onset of sleep. Checking emails, social media, and binging Netflix shows does not relax the mind or promote sleep. Instead, read a book to wind down, invest in an alarm clock, and keep electronics out of your sanctuary.

Creating a place of serenity in your bedroom is important for achieving rest, mind-body wellness, and more peace in your life. By using these seven tips, you will be able to transform your bedroom into a sanctuary, ultimately allowing your bedroom environment to rejuvenate you each and every night.

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