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How To Pick The Perfect Red Lipstick

Written By Celebrity Makeup Artist Nikki La Rose

Choosing a red lipstick shade can be as overwhelming as matching your foundation color to your skin tone, which is exactly why you should keep your skin in mind...your skins UnderTone to be exact! 

Start By Looking In The Mirror

Just like with your foundation, take a good look in the mirror to see what undertones may be peaking through at you in the mirror.

Seeing a slight pink? Yellow? Red?

Fair skin with pink undertones will want to lean towards Blue-Based reds. Think almost 50’s pinup style red or reds with a hint of magenta undertone. This will really help to brighten a fair complexion the most. 

Another bonus to using a Blue-Based red is that it instantly gives you that “I just whitened my teeth” look without going to the dentist. 

 For Light Complexion 

Much like fair skin, choosing too dark of a red with the wrong undertone can wash out your complexion rather than bringing it out. 

Think golden hour. When the sun is setting and casting a gorgeous warmth onto your skin, keep that in mind when searching for the perfect red. For this, I suggest leaning towards more orange undertones to bring out that golden warmth. 

For Medium Complexion

For Medium complexion, the same rules apply as light complexion with a teeny bit more wiggle room. For example, medium complexions with either undertone will look ravishing in blue-magenta undertone reds. 

 For Olive/Yellow Undertones

Moving on to Olive-yellow undertones. Think Earth Tones when choosing a complimentary red. Olive tones tend to have more Green / yellow, so opt for something less neon and more spicy like a red chili pepper or a terracotta red. 

For Deep, Rich Complexions

Same rules apply for deeper / rich skin tones. Rather than having pink or yellow undertones look for Red or Golden. Red undertones will benefit more from Blue Based & Magenta hued reds. While Golden will be complimented the most by earth-toned reds, Orange hued reds, and especially a classic Brick Red. 

Still Can’t Figure Out What Your Skin's Undertone Is?

Then go for a Classic TRUE red. True red lipsticks are a mix of both Blue AND Orange bases, making them the perfect red lipstick and universally flattering on everyone. 

And if you still can’t decide on a red, then throw out the rule book and choose the one that makes you feel most confident and powerful! Remember, there are no real rules to makeup, just guidelines to set us in the right direction. You're beautiful no matter what!

About The Author

Los Angeles-based makeup artist Nikki La Rose can do it all. Having worked with major salon professional brands like Olivia Garden and Joico, La Rose’s talent and technique is unlike any other. Her work can be seen in editorial spreads, at Olympic events, on the red carpet, where celebrities like Molly Sims, Rachel Zoe and Tori Spelling put La Rose’s artistry on display.

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