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Travel Hacks That Can SAVE YOUR TRIP

Devin Brugman

“Weigh your bag before you arrive at the airport and make sure it’s within the airline’s allowance. They will sadly catch you!

Put all travel documents, recommendations, and inspiration into a photo stream on your phone—and invite your travel buddy to it! Print copies of important travel documents. Things are lost or stolen somewhat frequently when traveling abroad, so a great backup plan is to have copies tucked away in your suitcase.”

Lauren Elizabeth

“My life changed when I got TSA PreCheck and started only bringing a carry-on. Unless I’m going to Europe for 10 days, I don’t need a huge bag. One big rolly and one big Louis Vuitton Neverfull, and you’re set. I arrive at the airport within the same hour of takeoff, walk right through TSA PreCheck, and walk right to boarding. There’s no reason to get to the airport early without checked luggage. I don’t need airport food! I don’t need to sit in germs!

Get that TSA PreCheck—it takes five minutes! You’ll save tons of time and stress on every trip. I couldn’t care less about getting to the airport now! I stroll onto that plane.”

Cara Santana

“Traveling a ton always presents a risk of germs and getting sick. As someone who travels a lot, I cannot take a chance on getting sick. So my travel hack is bring your own antibacterial biodegradable wipes or spray. First thing I do on the plane is wipe down my seat and anything I’ll have to touch during the flight!”

Victoria Villarroel

“If you get the urge to splurge on The Private Suite, you’ll never want to go back to regular travel again. It was the easiest experience ever, like a dream from beginning to end—you enter a private terminal, go through private TSA screening, and head to your own suite. When it’s time for your flight, they whisk you away in a car right on the tarmac to the airplane.”

Nicole Isaacs

“Stick with one airline and rack up those points and miles! I now try to fly only Delta or SkyTeam so I can attain status. Status is super important because it gives you perks like access to airport lounges around the world (free food!), complimentary upgrades to business or first class, and priority boarding. You also have access to the priority check-in counters, so if you’re running late for a flight, it saves you a bunch of time! It makes traveling that much better when you are a loyal customer to an airline because they try to make your flight experience as seamless and enjoyable as possible.”

Now That's A Mood: Wanderlust

The wanderlust is so real! So at MoodMe, we've put together a few of our favorite travel essentials and gifts that will inspire future getaways and satiate any travel FOMO you may be experiencing right now.

A Gorgeous Tote For Your Laptop & Tablet

Stroll In Style With This Kenneth Cole Reaction ‘Runway Call’  Wheeled 17” Laptop & Tablet Business Tote.

Compatible With Most Tablets. Exterior Made Of A Lightweight And Durable Nylon-Twill With Split Leather Trim Exterior Body Material And Features A Fully Lined, Tear-Resistant Interior Lining. 

Beats by 
Dr. Dre Pro Wireless Earphones

For anyone that is constantly losing their AirPods, these wireless earbuds are safer (read less wandering) option. They loop over the ear for a secure fit, and the battery life is about nine hours—which is perfect for traveling.

FLYGIENE Travel Size Face Mask

As of right now, airlines are still requiring you to wear a face mask for the duration of your entire flight.

These masks are comfortable enough to wear for short and long flights.

FLYGIENE black disposable face mask are conveniently packaged into travel size packs of 5 individual black face masks with a resealable zipper-lock pouch. Our travel face mask is perfect for on the go use to protect you from pollutants, dust, & droplets. TSA approved air travel mask for airplane travel, train, bus, cruise ship and other travel means. These travel size toiletries fit in any purse, pocket, or backpack making them the perfect travel essentials for flying.

Travel Containers

The Perfect Accessory for Your Travel Bag.

Conveniently sized containers. Meets TSA carry-on traveling bottle requirements. Use for storage, travel ointment containers or as cosmetic jars for hand cream, ointment, gel, lotions and powders. 

Learn More >

A Cosmetic Make Up Bag You'll Want To Take Everywhere

Fashionable and Functional Toiletry Bag.

With 3 spacious compartments design, this hanging toiletry bag would be your great partner whether you're going on a business trip for three months or visiting your parents for three nights.

And its soft material, swivel hook, easy grab and go handle, elastic strap system make you travel confidently knowing that your toiletries will be kept in their place.

EO Organic Hand Sanitizer Spray

99.9% Effective, Moisturizing, and Made With Essential Oils.

EO Hand Sanitizers are made to keep your hands soft, moisturized, and clean - but are effective against most common germs, so you can enjoy the world around you without taking it with you.The CDC recommends alcohol based sanitizers when soap and water aren’t available. That’s why our Organic Hand Sanitizers are made with Organic Ethanol. We will never use triclosan, benzalkonium chloride, or phthalates in our sanitizers - just good, clean ingredients you need to keep your hands clean and happy

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