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The MoodMe Mother's Day Gift Guide

By MoodMe
“Life doesn't come with a manual, it comes with a mother." - Unknown

With Mother’s Day fast approaching (it's Sunday, May 9 just FYI), you've got a limited amount of time to shop for the perfect gift for mom to brighten up her day. No matter what you’re looking for, we’ve got your back! We at MoodMe have put together a wide variety of Mother’s Day gifts to make your shopping experience easier. 

elago 3 in 1 Apple Charging Station

Modern and functional, how could Mom not love this iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch charging station? It does it all—all in one place.

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 — Over Ear, Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Built-In Microphone for Clear Calls & Alexa Voice Control

The most comfortable headphones we have ever tried! 

Turn any space into the perfect place to listen to music, make phone calls, or get work done. Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 reinvent what true wireless headphones are — and redefine what they can be.

Bose Headphones 700 feature an unrivaled microphone system. Six mics work together to cancel the noise around you so you can hear the caller better, while four mics combine to improve the clarity of your voice so the caller can hear you better, first by isolating your speech and then by suppressing the most disruptive remaining sound around you. It all happens in real-time and adapts as you — or the source of the noise — moves.

Bambüsi Premium Bamboo Cheese Board - Charcuterie Serving Board Platter and Knife Set with Hidden Slid-Out Drawer

Bambüsi Cheese Board is intricately handcrafted from All-Natural, Organic, and Sustainable Moso Bamboo, which makes it 100% food-safe – formaldehyde-free, BPA-free, with no toxins or chemicals added.

To complete your luxurious entertaining experience, we pack this Wooden Cheese Tray with 4 Cheese Knives and Utensils, 3 Slate Labels, 2 White Markers, a Wine Opener, and a Carrying Bag.

This Cheese Board is extremely versatile that you can use it as a Charcuterie Board, a Serving Tray, or a Cutting Board. 

Oster 4-in-1 Wine Savoring Experience with Cordless Electric Wine Opener Kit

Cheers to Enjoying Fine Wine!

A good wine is meant to be sipped and savored, and the Oster 4-in-1 Wine Savoring Experience helps from beginning to end. This 4-in-1 wine kit includes a cordless, rechargeable electric wine opener, 1 aerating wine pourer, 2 vacuum wine stoppers, and a foil cutter: everything you need to open, decant, enjoy, and even store a bottle of wine. 

The electric wine opener has an ergonomically designed soft-grip body that makes it easy to handle. The included foil cutter makes removing seals effortless. The wine aerator helps enhance the flavor of wine, while simultaneously preventing spills. If you don’t quite finish a bottle, have no fear: there are two vacuum wine stoppers included to make it easy to store your wine, while retaining its freshness. 

The most advanced Kindle ever: The Kindle Oasis

Give your mother the gift of an unlimited library available at her fingertips! 

The Kindle Oasis features our best ever 7”, 300 ppi Paperwhite display using the latest e-ink technology and a sleek ergonomic design with page turn buttons, perfect for one-handed reading. Introducing an adjustable warm light for a richer reading experience in any light.

Read anywhere: No more soggy pages with the Kindle Oasis - It's built to withstand getting splashed at the beach or dropped in the bathtub, hot tub, or pool. In laboratory, Kindle Oasis is IPX8 rated to protect against immersion in up to two meters of fresh water for up to 60 minutes and 0.25 meters for 3 minutes in seawater.

Massive selection: Finding new stories has never been easier with Kindle. Enjoy access to Kindle exclusive titles you won’t find anywhere else. Prime members have unlimited access to over a thousand books, magazines, and more. With Kindle Unlimited get access to over one million titles and thousands of audiobooks.

Kilian Straight To Heaven, White Cristal

If you want to send your mother straight to heaven — figuratively, of course — try gifting them Kilian’s scent by the same name. 

This scent is smoldering with addictive sensuality. A burning splash of rich dark rum defines the opening. Its sweet, gourmand chord is softened by creamy vanilla and dried fruit. Spicy patchouli pairs with the fresh, woodsy scent of cedarwood to finish, finding animalic harmony at long last.

About the Bottle: The bottles of Kilian's Cellars family are adorned with a distinctive black lacquer and meticulously engraved on each side with the representation of the Achilles shield. Like Kilian Hennessy says, "In perfumery, it is as much about seduction as it is about protection."

About the Fragrance: Straight To Heaven, White Cristal is part of the Kilian Cellars family. Woodsy perfumes in all their forms—from sandalwood to cedarwood, from patchouli to vetiver—but always with a Kilian twist: rum, coffee, cacao, cognac, whisky, a reminder of Kilian Hennessy's heritage. The Perfumer is Sidonie Lancesseur.

NEOM – Perfect Night’s Sleep Magnesium Body Butter

Nothing affects how you look or feel as much as sleep, or lack of it. The NEOM Scent To Sleep range has been specially formulated to relax your mind and body to enjoy the perfect night’s sleep.

This luxe lotion from London is infused with magnesium, a mineral that is said to help boost mood, endurance, and sleep, all while reducing anxiety and even your cancer risk. 

And if you're thinking that your mom doesn't need an extra boost of magnesium think again. According to the director of sports nutrition at the University of California, Liz Applegate, Ph.D. roughly 75% of women don't get enough magnesium.  

This highly-rated body butter is also packed with shea butter, vitamin E, vitamin A, and 13 essential oils, including lavender, sweet basil and jasmine, to soften, soothe, and calm her skin. 

Mevecco Layered Heart Necklace

This fan-favorite necklace has over 5,000 five-star reviews, and it's no secret why. The dainty chain and elegant pendant fit any wardrobe—it'll look just as good on the mom who loves sweats as the one who dresses up to go to the grocery store.

About Mevecco: Our jewelry not only emphasizes the beauty of every woman but expresses their personality. The different collections are made of high-quality materials so that they can become faithful companions on their owner’s journey through life.

oFlexiSpa Steam Foot Spa Bath Massager

Voila—a foot bath and massager in one! It soothes tired feet using steam and rolling massagers, so yeah, this is a gift the mom in your life will want to use every day. 

Having a private spa and a personal masseur at home is no longer a dream. With oFlexiSpa's innovative design, you can enjoy these luxuries from the comfort of your home.

Whether you need to relax your feet and reduce swelling, or want to reduce stress and get a good night's sleep. oFlexiSpa can help you with all of these! By combining the touch of rolling massagers with the soothing effects of steam, it offers an innovative foot spa experience.

Ember Temperature Controlled Heated Coffee Mug

If your mom's the kind of person that likes to sip her coffee sloooowly, help her avoid those trips to the microwave (or worse, a lukewarm drink) with this app-controlled heated smart mug. 

The award-winning Ember Mug is the most advanced coffee mug on the market, allowing you to set and maintain your preferred drinking temperature for hot beverages.


BeautyBio GloPRO Rose Quartz Roller

The beauty-obsessed mama in your life may just kiss your feet if she unwraps your gift to find this. The GloPro Roller helps reduce surface inflammation and facial puffiness, think contouring. Promotes lymphatic drainage. Helps tighten and reduce the appearance of pores. Works to improve skin texture and tone.

The BeautyBio Rose Quartz Roller is made of genuine rose quartz stone that is sustainably harvested in Brazil. It is designed with an ergonomic handle and sturdy construction in mind. It features a wide rose quartz roller for face and body & a narrow rose quartz roller for the eye area. 

It can be used to apply oils, serums and creams or for a soothing massage. Massaging motion helps temporarily stimulate localized circulation, delivering the appearance of a natural, subtle flush to skin for a temporary, natural-looking radiant glow. 

The stone naturally feels cool to the touch, but can be chilled further by submerging it in cold water or placing it in the refrigerator for a refreshed feeling, temporary tightening in the appearance of pores and temporary visible de-puffing benefit or heated by placing it in warm water to heat the stone for a relaxing sensation. 

Provides instant de-puffing. Maximizes and seals in benefits of serums and moisturizers. Reduces surface inflammation and contours skin. Promotes lymphatic drainage. Minimizes the appearance of dark circles.

Naipo Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massager

With almost 4,000 five-star reviews, this is a gift that you'll be begging to borrow from mom. Who can blame ya? This massage gun alleviates muscle pain and stiffness using percussion that gets into your deep tissue. Plus, it comes with five interchangeable attachments and five different modes of intensity. 

Being able to reach muscle groups of 10mm depth, the massage gun efficiently breaks up the excessive lactic acid and offers relief and comfort to the body. By sending high-frequency pressure pulse to the muscles, it can work on deep tissue to promote muscle recovery.

Save your precious time and hard-earned money with the Naipo deep tissue muscle percussion massager gun. It works well for knots and muscle tightness. With the ergonomic button and handle design, you can easily use it by one hand. Ease neck shoulder stiffness, alleviate muscle pain and soreness.

The Naipo deep tissue massage gun is a unique gift idea for Mother's Day.

7-In-1 Instant Pot Duo

Make your mom a part of the Instant Pot crew if she isn't one already. Whether she wants to slow cook a pot roast or make some homemade yogurt, there's almost nothing this appliance can't do. 

7-IN-1 APPLIANCES: electric pressure cooker, rice cooker, slow cooker, yogurt maker, steamer, sauté pan, and food warmer.

Fast or slow, the Instant Pot Duo does it all. Sauté, sear and simmer all in one pot. And when dinner is served, enjoy quick and easy cleanup.

Self-Care for Moms: 150+ Real Ways to Care for Yourself While Caring for Everyone Else

Every mom knows she needs more self-care in her life. But as for how to make it happen? That’s tough. This book has some clever ideas, even if she has just five minutes.

About The Book: As a mom, you care—a lot. Whether it be physical, emotional, social, or practical, you’re there to attend to all of your family’s needs. But with so much to take care of, it can be hard to find time to care of yourself. With Self-Care for Moms, you’ll learn how easy it is to incorporate self-care into your own routine in practical, yet meaningful, ways.

In this book, you’ll find 150 realistic self-care activities that you can try right away. To help busy moms like you maximize any moment you can find for yourself, each activity is designed to fit easily within a set short time frame.

Start taking time for you—it’s easier than you think and besides, you deserve it!

Chantal Enamel Vintage Tea Kettle- comes in many colors

Whether you opt for bold red, classic white, or eye-catching aqua, this tea kettle is sure to look great on any tea-loving mom's stove.

Chantal has always been known for iconic teakettles and is proud to introduce another classic style. A sought after look inspired by traditional stove top designs from the past which have matching enamel lids, the Vintage Teakettle is definitely fresh with a classic twist.

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