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The Color Trends of 2021: Yellow and Greys

By MoodMe
The best colors of 2021 have been chosen! 

Ready for them?

And they are...

YELLOWS and...

Whoo hoo! 

But read on to find out why they are becoming so popular in 2021.
PANTONE, one of the world’s leading names when it comes to colors, are the ones that named yellow and grey the colors of 2021. These fantastic hues each stand out for their amazing personality. (Yes, colors have personalities, and YOU KNOW IT!) They're a perfect, smooth, and vibrant match when paired together in various ways. Living room. Dining Rooms. Kitchen. Offices. All of them will look fantastic in yellow and grey.  

The greyscale may have a post-industrial feel to it, but yellow comes right in and brings the lightness and the warmth. Perfect combination, don't you think? 

In public settings, these colors combined in an architectural setting is also a surprisingly amazing fit. Yellow and grey work very well with lighting because of the unique way they respond to illumination. Black and white are a pretty dramatic light contrasts, but yellow and grey provide a more gentle and user-friendly feel to it. This makes for a pretty positive atmosphere for really any setting.

If you're into fashion, then you know this color combination is becoming extremely popular in the fashion industry. This winter, we saw some beautiful outfits, all based on the combination of yellow and grey. A common popular combination is to combine a yellow beanie or hat with a grey sweater or shirt, making a classic, chill look. This combination may be minimalistic and streamlined, but it's also incredibly pure and elegant. All will depend on how you pair it. Use these colors to fully express your unique personality. Have fun with this; match your outfit to your mood. Yellow and grey are understated yet powerful colors that can indeed tell a powerful story.

One of the main reasons why yellow and grey are making such a big comeback these days, is definitely the fact that retro stylings are in vogue again. 

Yellow and grey were popular back in the 60s and early 70s. Influenced by fashion, successful movies, and TV shows, these colors are now being embraced by people again. We keep seeing influencers on social media sporting these colors and not just using them for clothes. We're seeing them used for home decor, office and workspace. 

Grey's an awesome color. We know this. It goes well with just about anything. Grey sofas and chairs can be truly stunning, giving the room a very elegant yet understated feel. Conversely, yellow is your POP of color that adds warmth and ambiance to any room. You can use it for details on walls and ceiling, or even as a main wall color, especially if in lighter tints. 

White walls sometimes reflect light in a very harsh and overly bright way. However, yellow has a gentler hue to it, and light bounces off it in a much smoother and natural way, without being overly harsh.

This article barely scratches the surface on the coolness of 2021's new color trend- Yellow And Grey. But, now you have somewhat an understanding of why yellow and grey are making a huge comeback. Not only are these colors incredibly beautiful and versatile, but they make for a great fit in so many circumstances.

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