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6 Unique Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Home 

By MoodMe
Winters can be a magical snowy wonderland, but sometimes, after a while, we are SO READY FOR SPRING! And now that it's March, it's time to take the best tips from Japanese organizing consultant, Marie Kondo, and bring some of the joy and beauty of the season into our home. 

Step One: Gather Your Supplies.

Yes, we know this seems simple and totally not unique at all, but stay with us. This is a necessary prep step for when you begin the cleaning process. When you're ready to hit the ground running, you'll be glad it's done. Marie Kondo says that before you even begin, "make sure you have all the supplies you need –cleaning sprays, rags, a broom, etc. – and, for the smaller items, a box or case to carry them in. Grab a step stool for extra credit."

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Step Two: Let There Be Light.

Winter is cozy and comfy, but spring is fresh and full of excitement! After months of drapes drawn, blazing fires, blankets, and coats, it's time to let the fresh air and sunshine in! The second step for an easy and enjoyable spring cleaning day, is to get rid of those heavy curtains, open the windows, and let the sunlight and fresh air through. The light and fresh air will provide you with natural, motivating and inspiring energy. Bonus points: diffuse your favorite energizing essential oil blend. Seriously. We work too, and the last thing we want to do on our day off is spend it cleaning and organizing. But alas, no one else will do it for us. So whatever we have to do to feel good and get through this chore, let's do it! Put that blend on and let the rays shine in.

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Step Three: Hey Mr.DJ, Put A Record On.

We can't do anything without music. Running? Music. Working? Music. Errands? Music. Spring cleaning is a chore; make it better by putting on your favorite playlist. Our MoodMe director swears by this playlist for making everything and anything seem so much more fun! 

Step Four: Adopt An Attitude Of Gratitude And Thank Your Home.

Unlike traditional cleaning tips (who needs more dusting tips, truly?), we want to give you a MINDSET tip that makes all the difference, not just when cleaning your home, but we want you to use this attitude of gratitude for all things that have to do with life. 

Kondo always suggests starting your spring cleaning by thanking your home. And we couldn't agree more. Listen, our MoodMe team writes out their weekly schedule as, "Get To Dos". Why? Because having a job is a privilege that not everyone has, especially during these COVID days. 

We don't have to do anything, we GET to do it because we are one of the lucky ones. The same applies to your home. You have a roof over your head. You have a place to live. You have a place that you call home. You are one of the lucky ones. You don't have to spring clean your home- you GET to. You clean your home out of gratitude for it. You're so thankful that you have a safe place to be so you're cleaning it out of respect, love, and care. 

As Kondo says, "Dedicating time to express gratitude for your home is a powerful act that will heighten your sensitivity to joy and remove energy and objects that no longer serve you." Adopting this attitude of gratitude will not only put you in a better mood, but it will make the entire process a million times more enjoyable. Instead of seeing this day as a wasted chore day, see it for the blessing it truly is- a blessing not everyone has anymore. 

Step Five: Tackle One Room At A Time. 

Yes, your mother’s traditional way of cleaning the house top to bottom is thorough and would get the job done, but if you do the steps above, by the time you get here, where you actually start cleaning, you will feel a million times better than if you skipped any of the steps above. You will feel energized, inspired, motivated, and grateful to be able to take care of your home and give it a much-needed refresher. 

So just take things one room at a time. Take a trash bag, donation boxes, storage bins, and your cleaning supplies, and one room at a time, clean, organize, discard, donate and store ALL THE THINGS. Don't think about how many rooms you have left to do, or how much work remains. That will lead to overwhelm and anxiety. After all, anxiety comes from thinking about the future; peace and contentment come from being present. Focus your energy and attention on the room/area you are currently cleaning up. 

Step Six: Remember The Golden Kono Rule: Keep only that which sparks joy.  

You've probably heard this part of Marie Kondo's philosophy. You're not supposed to choose what to discard, but rather what to keep. If it doesn't spark joy (speak to you in some positive way), you don't need it in your life going forward. Hold each item in your hand and think about whether it sparks joy. If it does, great — keep it! If it doesn't, you can thank it and let it go. What some people overlook is that there's no rule to how much you can keep if it truly brings you joy. If every single book on your bookshelf sparks joy, keep them all. Marie Kondo's method simply asks you to really consider whether your belongings will bring something positive to your life going forward.

Spring is the season of new beginnings, and cleaning your home at its onset can be a catalyst for joy and productivity. Think of cleaning as an expression of gratitude for the items that supported you all winter – and as a way to bring peace and calm into your space, as well as your body and mind.

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