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9 Ways to Get More Out of Your Dry Shampoo

Sure, dry shampoo can help extend the lifespan of a salon blowout, or help you out when you oversleep and there’s no time to wash your hair. But there are so many other ingenious ways to use it besides battling greasy strands. Try these:

1. To create beachy texture

Here’s a tip for girls with natural waves or curls—or ladies who accidentally went too ’80s prom queen with the curling iron: Spritzing your hair with dry shampoo, then finger-tousling, will break up those big, spirally curls and make them appear more piecey.

2. To provide soft hold

Lightly spraying dry shampoo over a finished style will set your ’do while still allowing it to move whenever you do. Think of the shampoo as a super-light hairspray.

3. To give grip to pins and clips

Spraying a touch of dry shampoo on a hair accessory—or a pin you’re using to secure an updo—slip-proofs it, keeping it (and your hair) securely in place.

4. To camouflage dark roots

If you’re a blonde or light brunette, a traditional white powder dry shampoo sprayed on dark roots will make them appear lighter—just don’t rub it in as well as you normally would. Note: Lightly misting your whole head, as you would with hairspray, can also help cool off brassy tones.

5. To prevent stringy strands

If your skin is on the oily side, spritzing a little dry shampoo on the hair around your hairline (or on the underside of bangs) will keep those strands from clinging to greasy skin and getting stringy.

6. To help tease your tresses

Spraying a little dry shampoo on spots you plan to back-comb will give your strands grip and keep teased hair from falling flat. You can also try flipping your hair upside down and focusing the dry shampoo at your roots. Give it a good finger-tousle, then flip your head back up for instant volume.

7. To enable a product do-over

Did you accidentally over-apply shine serum, oil, or styling cream? A few sprays of dry shampoo will absorb extra oil and help give your hair body again.

8. To sop up sweat—everywhere

You already know to use your dry shampoo on your head after a sweaty Spin class, but did you know it can help beyond hair? It also works on sweaty palms, feet, and the backs of your knees.

9. To up a short cut’s cool factor

Hair looking helmet-y? Give your locks a dose of dry shampoo and tousle for edgier, deliberately undone texture.

Now That's A Mood: Good Hair Days

Ever notice a difference in your mood when you’re having a good hair day vs. a bad hair day? That's because our hair has a huge impact on our happiness.  When you combine the items below and the tips above, you can guarantee yourself plenty of good hair days to come! 

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo

You can't implement the tips above, without having the best dry shampoo! 
So how about a dry shampoo that actually cleans hair, eliminating oil, sweat, and odor? Enter Living Proof.

Powered by our Triple-Action Cleaning Technology to address how hair looks, feels and smells. 

Fast-absorbing powders soak up oil and sweat while our patented Healthy Hair Molecule helps you remove the powders easily from hair, resulting in actually clean hair. Odor neutralizers and time released fragrance keep hair smelling clean.

The result: your hair will look, feel and smell clean.

Living proof Perfect Hair Day Weightless Mask

Combine this mask with the dry shampoo and you will have "A Good Hair Day" every single day of the week!

Revive dull hair, in just minutes. This weightless mask is the hair maintenance you never knew you needed. It enhances hair’s natural shine and makes it more manageable and polished. Formulated for fine to medium hair types, it smooths, strengthens, conditions, and won’t compromise volume.

* Delivers 5 key benefits of healthy hair: smoothness, volume, conditioning, strength, and polish

* Revives dull, lifeless hair in minutes

* Has no heavy buildup

* Up to 70% reduction in breakage after one use

* Replenishes healthy hair’s natural protective layer

* Helps hair stay cleaner, longer so you can wash less often

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